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    Das Zentrum für Informations- und Mediendienste (ZIM) entwickelt und betreibt seit 2012 die Campus-App myUDE. Die App ist der zentrale mobile Einstiegspunkt zu den wichtigsten Angeboten an und aus der UDE und bietet unter anderem Zugriff auf

    • den persönlichen Stundenplan
    • Prüfungsanmeldungen
    • erbrachte Leistungen
    • Bibliotheksfunktionen wie das Verlängern und Vormerken von Medien 
    • das digitale Semesterticket
    • einen auf Allergien und Ernährungsgewohnheiten anpassbaren Speiseplan
    • die Abfahrtszeiten des ÖPNV rund um den Campus
    • Aktuelle Informationen aus der Universität

    Trzia questioned her friend about him, and was told that he was a good secretary, clever but idle, and of so bad a reputation that M. de Lameth was waiting for an opportunity to get rid of him.Dabei lässt sich die Startseite der App individuell anpassen um nur die relevanten Informationen auf einen Blick zur Hand zu haben.

    iOS Universal-App

    Further away, in another quite small temple, a young Brahmin robed in white, and very handsome, was reading the Ramayana to two women; the three quite filled the little building. The entrance was screened by a curtain composed of jasmine flowers threaded on fine string, and behind this veil of flowers the three figures looked like the creatures of a legend. Outside the sanctuary, seated on the steps and flagstones and obstructing the street, were a score or so of women redolent of lemon and[Pg 178] sandal-wood, and listening to the scripture distinctly chanted out by the young priest.Another sanctuary holds an idol made of seven metals mingled to a pale golden hue. The statue is loaded with jewellery of silver and precious stones. On its head is a fan-shaped diadem starred with rubies. The walls and columns, of a dull purple, are decorated with gaudy mosaic of scraps of looking-glass set in brass along the lines of the mouldings.


    The Ghoorkhas, small men and very active, young too, with Chinese features, were practising gymnastics. And recruits were being drilled, two of them barefoot, though wearing their gaiters.

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    Hilf mit werde Betatester

    • Betatester haben früher Zugriff auf neue myUDE-Version mit neuen Features und Fehlerbereinigungen
    • Betaversionen sind Testversionen und können Fehler enthalten.
    • Drucke dir dein Semesterticket aus, damit du nicht in der Bahn feststellst, dass sich genau dort ein Fehler eingeschlichen hat.
    • Fehler meldest du am Besten, mit dem Hinweis "Beta" im Betreff, an myude@uni-due.de.

    Betatester für iOS oder Android werden.

    myUDE 3.1.4

    The guests were met at the park gates by young girls dressed in white, who gave them bouquets of flowers; they dined out of doors under the shade of chestnut-trees, while a band played airs from Richard C?ur-de-Lion, Castor et Pollux, etc.; [284] the only contretemps being a sudden gust of wind which took off the wigs of some of the guests: Robespierre amongst the number. Many beautiful women were present, but none could rival their lovely hostess. Toasts were drunk to her beauty, verses improvised to her Spanish eyes, her French esprit; she was declared the goddess of the fte, queen being no longer a popular word.Immediately on entering we were in the maze of vaults, sanctuaries, great halls and arcades, where stall-keepers sell their goods, priests keep school, and flower-sellers wander. Statues, repeated in long rows, lead up to temples all alike, of a bewildering uniformity of architecture and identical decoration.... ist die aktuelle Version. Diese ist unter iOS und Android (ab Version 4) nutzbar. Eine komplette Änderungsliste findest du hier


    When she was better she and M. de Montagu took a small furnished apartment and dined at Mme. Le Rebours, paying pension of 100 francs a month for themselves, the child and nurse. M. de Beaune went to live at a pension set up by the Comtesse de Villeroy, where for a very moderate price he had good food, a good room, and the society of a salon in Paris. He grumbled no more, and they were all much more comfortable than in England.E-Mail: myude@uni-due.de
    oder nutze die Feedback-Funktion innerhalb der App.



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